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Marsh Marigolds, Trenton

무료 인쇄물!


다음은 다양한 자연 보호 단체에서 공개적으로 사용할 수 있는 온라인 인쇄물에 대한 링크 모음입니다! 곧 나만의 워크시트, 색칠 공부 페이지, 활동 시트 등을 추가할 예정이니 계속 지켜봐 주세요!

Program Resources:

If you missed a program, no worries! Here are some of the worksheets I have created! Please feel free to use, download and share!

Stories in the Snow

DIY tracking stick.png

DIY Tracking Stick!

Life-size Large Bird Silhouettes.png

Life-size Bluejay

Wildlife of G Ross Lord Park

Wildlife 의 남부 온타리오 땅벌

Canine Snow Prints.png

Snow Stories: Tracking Guide PDF

checklist cover picture.png

Winter Birds of North York Checklist

teaching, winter, science kids activities

Cold Creature Rap!
Where do creatures go in Winter?

Life-size Large Bird Silhouettes.png

Life-size Bluejay

Birding info cover photo.jpg

Common Birds of Toronto (in winter)

Ontario wildlife activities

What creatures can you find in winter activity!

Beginner Birding

Where Creatures Go in Winter

Program Resources
Other Downloads

다운로드 가능한 정보:

Bumblebees of Southern Ontario

Bumblebees of Southern Ontario from Wildlife

Great Lakes Backyard Bird Bingo sheet

Backyard Bird Bingo from
Great Lakes Guide

Pollinator friendly plants that bloom throughout the seasons

Plants that bloom through the Seasons from Pollinator Guelph

Screenshot of Toronto's Adopt a Pond Resource page with reptile and Amphibian guide sheets

Multiple resources & ID sheets from Adopt a Pond Toronto (you can contact them to acquire hard copies, or download the images)

Ducks Unlimited, facts about birds sheet

Surprising Facts about Birds from
Ducks Unlimited Canada

How to clean up your garden in a pollinator safe  way

Spring Garden Clean-Up from
Pollinator Guelph

Fishes of Ontario

Fish Species of Ontario from MNR

Pollinator friendly trees and shrubs

Tress & Shrubs for Pollinators from
Pollinator Guelph

Screenshot of the CWF handouts page

Handouts and downloads from
Canadian Wildlife Federation

SUMAC North Colouring Sheets

컬러링 시트:

SUMAC North Colouring pages

These are free for ANYONE to use in any educational capacity (teachers, educators etc.). If you would like to tag me on Instagram (@SUMACNorth) though, I'd love to see some coloured versions!!! :)
If you have suggestions for future colouring sheets you can send them to me at!

Nature colouring sheets

Saw-whet Owl

Nature colouring sheets

Green Metallic Sweat Bee

Nature colouring sheets

Yellow-banded Bumblebee

Nature colouring sheets

Gray Tree Frog

Other Places to find Nature Colouring Sheets!

Other Colouring Sheets
Loon colouring sheet

룬 컬러링 시트
Color Canada.com에서

Ontairo Nature colouring sheets

온타리오 자연 박물관의 여러 자연 채색 시트

mushroom colouring sheet

토론토 Mycological Society의 온타리오 버섯 색칠 공부 시트

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