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SUMAC North, North York, Toronto, Ontario
Slaty Skimmer Dragonfly on Pink Meadowsweet, Grundy Lake PP

Free Online Field Guides & Apps

Buying field guides can be expensive! Often a picture or two means identifying the creature or plant we found can wait (or... we can use mobile data!) Below I've created a list of links to online identification/field guides, nature conservation websites, and some recommended ID apps etc. that you may find helpful on your outdoor adventures!

Helpful Apps

Bumble Bee Watch
Merlin Bird ID
Helpful Apps

Free Online Field Guides

In hand field guides can often be much more accurate, easy to read and practical when out in the forest. However they can be limiting by their size, weight, PRICE and occasionally accuracy (if you have an older version). Here I've collected a number of useful online guides, atlas's(maps that show where species have been spotted) and some IDing "How To's".

If you have any suggestions/your own favorite online guides to add to this list or issues (ie. link not working), please let me know!

Online Field Guides
Reptiles & Amphibians
Lichens & Mosses
Species at Risk
Edible Plants
Invasive Species

Helpful Links - Further (Online) Reading

Coming Soon!

Futhur(online) Reading
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