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Bog Violet - Grundy Lake PP
July 19
Date: Tuesday, Aug 29 Time: 4:00 pm
Location: G. Ross Lord Park
Nature Detectives:
Dancing with Dragons

Have you ever caught a dragon??? While they may not be fire-breathers (nor electric, frost or acid), Dragonflies and their smaller cousins the Damselflies, are ferocious hunters, snatching all sorts of pesky, biting insects from the air! Join me to learn about these acrobatic fliers, and then attempt to capture (and release) some!

(Picture: Dragonflies can 'sometimes' be quite friendly! This one decided to stay and pose for a picture after being caught!)

Take Home: Common Dragonflies of Toronto colouring sheet

Provided(to borrow for the duration of the program):  Field guides

Please Bring if possible Additional insect nets (ones with long nets work best! but regular dollar store nets work as well :) )

Price: $10/person or pay as you can**

Children (under 12) MUST be accompanied by a guardian:

SUMAC North is not licensed as a child care provider, and thus at least one guardian (18+) must attend programs with children under the age of 12 years old.

**my goal is to educate and share what I love. While this is my part-time business, my priority is to offer fun, educational experiences that are accessible to EVERYONE! So if you can give then please do, but do not feel guilty or obliged. I'd rather you come and learn versus not attend at all! :)
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